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Adding Items to the Shopping Cart
Finding IRR Products 
Adding Items from Search Results

Adding Items from Catalog Detial Pages
Adding Items by Quick Order


Finding IRR Products

Always log in to get a complete list of products available to you. Products will only be visible once you have logged in.


Quick Search

You can search for specific products by entering keywords in the Quick Search text box on the upper right corner of the home page and clicking Search. This tool is available at the top of each page.



Catalog Search 

You can also search by clicking on the Catalog tab on the top left of the screen. You can enter keywords in the search bar or filter by category, availability, organism, biosafety level, contributor, attachments, or starting letter of the product on the left side bar. 




Adding Items to the Shopping Cart 
There are many ways to purchase items using your IRR Shopping Cart. You can add items directly from the search result pages, from any item’s product detail page, through a Quick Order form page, by using your Frequently Ordered Item list or through your Preferred Product List.  Information on each of these methods is displayed below.


Adding Items from Search Results
Perform a search for the items you are interested in or use the product links on the home page to find items of interest. Find an item(s) that interests you from the search results. (If you need help, see our Search Help page.) 

Catalog Search page Screenshot
Use the check box(s) next to the item to select the items you would like to add to your Shopping Cart.  Click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page. 

If you wish to add more than one item to your order, enter a new search term in the search box and continue with adding more items to your cart. Each time you add a new item to your cart, you will be taken to your Shopping Cart.  If you would like to see your cart from any other page, click the View Cart icon found at the top of every page on the IRR website. 

Adding Items from Catalog Item Detail Pages
Find an item that interests you. Click on a Product Item hyperlink from the Search Results page.

Product Hyperlink Screenshot

This Hyperlink will take you to the Product's Item Detail page.  From the Product Item detail page, Click the Add to Cart  button on any item's product detail page. 
Item Detail Page Screenshot

More than one item detail page can be viewed at one time if after a search, multiple products are choosen to view.  If you wish to add more than one item to your order, click the checkboxes on each item you would like to order and then hit the "Add checked Items to Cart" found at the top and bottom of the catalog detail page list.

Adding Items by Quick Order
The Quick Order form can be used to enter up to 20 catalog item numbers instantly.  After entering in the item numbers you wish to order, just click the Order button.  It is that easy!

Quick Order Screenshot

Items can also be added from the Frequently Ordered Items Page and from Preferred Products List.  Just click Add to Cart from either of these pages.
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