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PHLs to Receive Weekly Shipments of Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 supplies from HHS

COVID-19 Virus Model Image

In response to feedback during calls with leadership and public health officials, U.S. states and territories will now receive Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test and control kits each week.

These weekly shipments of Abbott ID NOW tests should allow states to test for COVID-19, when access to laboratory testing is unavailable in their state, or when PHLs need to test quickly during outbreaks.

To be more efficient, these weekly shipments for these kits and their corresponding controls are managed directly by HHS with the support of IRR.

Due to this change in operations, states will no longer be able to directly order these kits from the IRR website.  PHLs may contact IRR for any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this assay and control kit use at  We will share this feedback with HHS.

For general  information on Abbott ID Now point-of-care testing for COVID-19, refer to the IRR FAQ page:

For CDC’s guidance on testing platforms, visit:

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